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Litoria adelaidensis                      Litoria andiirrmalin

     Slender Tree Frog                   Melville Range Tree Frog


 Litoria aurea                             Litoria bicolor

Green and Golden Bell Frog             Northern Sedge Frog     


 Litoria booroolongensis                 Litoria brevipalmata  
Booroolong Frog                     Green Thighed Frog


 Litoria burrowsae                         Litoria caerulea
Tasmanian Tree Frog               Common Green Tree Frog


    Litoria castanea                          Litoria cavernicola

Yellow Spotted Tree Frog                  Cave-dwelling Frog 


 Litoria chloris                              Litoria citropa

  Orange Eyed Tree Frog              Blue Mountains Tree Frog


 Litoria cooloolensis                        Litoria coplandi

Cooloola Tree Frog                        Sandstone Frog


 Litoria cyclorhyncha                       Litoria dahlii    

Copland's Rock Frog                    Northern Waterfrog


 Litoria daviesae                           Litoria dentata

  Davies' Tree Frog                      Bleating Tree Frog


 Litoria dorsalis                           Litoria electrica

    Javelin Frog                           Electric Tree Frog


 Litoria eucnemis                           Litoria ewingii

Growling Green Eyed Frog                 Brown Tree Frog   


      Litoria fallax                          Litoria flavipunctata

   Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog           Yellow Spotted Tree Frog


   Litoria freycineti                        Litoria genimaculata

     Freycinet's Frog                      Green-eyed Tree Frog


 Litoria gilleni                               Litoria gracilenta

Centralian Tree Frog                   Dainty Green Tree Frog


 Litoria inermis                            Litoria infrafrenata

Floodplain Frog                       White Lipped Treefrog

Litoria jungguy

Jungguy Tree Frog


 Litoria jervisiensis                         Litoria latopalmata

Jervis Bay Tree Frog               Broad Palmed Rocketfrog


 Litoria lesueuri                            Litoria littlejohni

Stoney Creek Frog                        Littlejohn's Frog


 Litoria longirostris                            Litoria lorica      

Long Snouted Frog                          Armoured Frog   


 Litoria meiriana                             Litoria moorei    

Rockhole Frog            Western Green and Golden Bell Frog


Litoria microbelos                           Litoria myloa

     Javelin Tree Frog                        Kuranda Tree Frog


 Litoria nannotis                             Litoria nasuta     

      Waterfall Frog                         Striped Rocketfrog


Litoria nigrofrenata                      Litoria nudidigita

   Tawny Rocketfrog                      No common name


 Litoria nyakalensis                     Litoria olongburensis

     Mountain Mistfrog                  Sharp-snouted Reed Frog


 Litoria pallida                         Litoria paraewingi    

Peach-sided Rocketfrog                    Victorian Frog     


 Litoria pearsoniana                        Litoria peronii     

Cascade Treefrog                      Peron's Tree Frog      


       Litoria personata                       Litoria phyllochroa      

   Masked Cave Frog                     Leaf Green Tree Frog


 Litoria piperata                         Litoria raniformis 

Peppered Tree Frog                    Southern Bell Frog      


 Litoria revelata                          Litoria rheocola       

    Revealed Frog                        Common Mist Frog


     Litoria rothii                            Litoria rubella    

Northern Laughing Treefrog               Red Tree Frog       


   Litoria spenceri                       Litoria splendida 

Spencer's River Tree Frog            Magnificent Tree Frog  


Litoria staccato

Chattering Rock Frog


Litoria subglandulosa                      Litoria tornieri 

New England Treefrog                    Tornier's Frog         


           Litoria tyleri                        Litoria verreauxii alpina

Southern Laughing Treefrog                Verreaux's Frog            


Litoria verreauxii verreauxii          Litoria wotjulumensis 

         Whistling Treefrog                   Wotjulum Rocketfrog    


  Litoria wilcoxii                         Litoria xanthomera

     Stony Creek Frog                 Orange Thighed Treefrog